“The Defenders” (2017) Review

The vigilantes of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter), and Danny Rand (Finn Jones) finally come together in an epic team up against Daredevil‘s (2016) Elektra (Elodie Yung) and the overarching ancient society in Daredevil and Iron Fist called The Hand. The Fingers have resurrected Elektra so she could […]

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“Smallville” (2001-2011) Review

This was the story of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) in his high school years with his friends Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack), Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk), Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), and Pete Ross (Sam Jones III). His parents Jonathan (John Schneider) and Martha (Annette O’Toole) Kent tried so hard to protect Clark’s secret for so long, […]

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