“Jessica Jones” (2018) Review

After the death of Kilgrave and her encounter with the other vigilantes of Hell’s Kitchen, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) continues her pursuit of weird cases and people who need a private investigator. Malcolm (Eka Darville) has also been helping her with her clients and repairing her apartment/place of work. Jessica and Malcolm also get a new landlord named Oscar (J.R. Ramirez). He has a kid that adores Captain America, and when Jessica used her strength to push a refrigerator out-of-the-way, his eyes lit up and started asking her a million questions. Marvel's_Jessica_Jones_poster_007She still does not care about who sees this side of her and uses it on another PI Pryce Chang (Terry Chen). He tries to bargain with her and bring her to his company so to eliminate the competition. One night he goes a little far and has someone rob her of the case she is working on. This case involves IGH and the few subjects that happened alongside Jessica. This beast rips the robber into chunks. Jessica has already been in enough trouble with the police and they are not going easy on her anymore. 

Meanwhile, Trish (Rachael Taylor) continues to talk about these powered people and over the course of the season wants to become one. She secretly digs up Jessica’s past and the day of her family’s death. She pushes Jessica to places where she does not want to go. One night, Trish is walking in a movie set trailer park and is kidnapped by an old friend from season one. Jessica had figured out who this person was, but is too late and is wandering around to find any clues. Once Jessica finds them, he tells them both that there is something coming after Trish because of her story and knowledge on IGH. After that, Trish finds an inhaler. The night finally came when she uses it because she was concerned with Jessica’s safety when they were following up on a lead nurse from IGH. This inhaler enhanced Trish’s strength and gave her an adrenaline spike. She is now addicted to this drug. She needs a constant inhalation otherwise falls weak and vomits.

Malcolm works to keep his addiction problems under control but uses an escape by hooking up with women from a Tinder-like app. He investigates some of Jeri’s (Carrie-Anne Moss) colleagues that are giving her problems. He goes to a gay bar where he finds one of her colleagues that keeps this side of his life a secret. He rushes out the back door and both are harassed by a few men. Malcolm tries to take them all on but almost gets his beaten when Trish saves him. Jessica-Jones-Season-2-Poster.jpgShe had been looking for Jessica and anyone that looked like they were going to cause trouble. She tells Malcolm to take a hit of this enhancer. As the drug courses through him, he runs away. He is also given another job opportunity with Chang. At the time of this deal, he did not fully deny that job request. Chang sees the goodness in him and wonders why he stays with Jessica when she does not fully trust Malcolm with a case of his own.

Jeri has been given terrible news by a doctor. She is told that she has [spoiler] and is unsure how long she will live. Jeri does not want to suffer the pain of this disease and is willing to do anything medical science can do for her either stateside or somewhere else. Jeri goes down a dark path for a while. She has prostitutes come over with cocaine and ecstasy. She later kicks them out and finds that she needs to stop what she is doing. Jessica’s witness to an IGH occurrence stays with Jeri for a few days. They become quite acquainted with each other. Inez (Leah Gibsonsays she knows a person that has the ability to heal. Shane (Eden Marryshowhas a one-on-one time with Jeri in a visitation center. He tries to heal her, but he falls sick every time he tries to do heal. After she gets his trial set, he is released from prison and ends up healing her. However, one day she goes back to her home to find everything is gone except her furniture. She goes underground to buy a handgun to take care of these people except she decides not to do it herself. She manipulates them instead.


7.5/10.0, B


This season falls short on a good story, but the season is fantastic for character growth and development. These four characters change in each episode. Even the ones not mentioned for spoiler reasons. I love it for that.  Each of these Marvel Netflix series that my friend and I have noticed has some political theme underneath them. Daredevil season one and police corruption, Jessica Jones season one and rape, Daredevil season two and drug lords, Luke Cage and police brutality, Iron Fist and business corruption, and The Punisher and post-traumatic stress disorder. This season dives into mental illness and drug abuse and their depressing effects it has on loved ones. It is saddening to see people deal with drug abuse. It sucks for everyone. The actors and actresses do a great job portraying people who do have problems like that. This season also lacked in a villain because everyone was, in a way, the villain. Nothing like Kilgrave has been produced since 2015 and I say it might have been for the better because David Tennant was absolutely amazing.