“The 15:17 to Paris” (2018) Review

The story of three American men rescue and save the lives of those traveling from Amsterdam to Paris. The story goes back to 2005 where Alek Skarleatos, Anthony Sadler, and Spencer Stone are young kids at a Christian grade school. Spencer and Alek have been friends for some time now, and they meet Anthony when they are sentenced to the Principal Michael Akers’s (Thomas Lennon) office. Anthony is a troublemaker and is constantly in his office. timthumb.jpegSpencer and Alek say to him that they are there because of an invalid hall pass and Anthony laughs at them. They become friends afterward and start playing war with Spencer’s airsoft guns. One day, Anthony says that he is going to leave the school in search of a girlfriend. It is now back to how it used to be; unexpectedly, however, the principal called in Joyce (Judy Greer) and Heidi (Jenna Fischer), Spencer and Alek’s mothers respectively. Michael had suggested that Alek moves in with his father for the safety of other kids.

As time went by, Spencer had been contemplating on what to do for his future and in the meantime worked at an ice cream store where he served a Marine. On this day, Spencer had decided that he would join the military. He told Anthony that he was going to join the Airforce and become a pararescue. He became more active, started eating better, and lost weight so he could join the Airforce, but he could not get the job he wanted because of his depth-perception. He is upset but likes what he does now being in the SEARS.

Alek had also joined the military and is stationed in Afghan. He Skypes Spencer one night and they talk about going to Europe for the heck of it. Alek knew of an exchange student in Germany and also had family heritage there so Spencer and Anthony met up with him later. Spencer and Anthony go all around Italy. They meet an old man in a pub one day where he said to them that they should go to Amsterdam. Everyone they had met said to skip Paris because it is not what it seems to be. They have a grand old time in Amsterdam and do not want to leave, but they do because they already have their tickets.

They board the train while helping an older gentleman. They take the economy class and complain about not having food or Wifi so they go above to first class. This is where Ayoub (Ray Corasani) is planning on his assault. He has 300 rounds of ammunition on him. Ayoub shoots the man who tries to take away his AK-47. The three men are hiding, waiting for their chance to catch the terrorist.

After the victory, the three men and one other man are welcomed by the French government and are given the Legion d’Honneur. This is a medal is the highest of medals for people with the greatest humanity. If it was not for these men, then that train to Paris could have lost everyone on board.


7.5/10, B+


The acting from actual actors was off. It made the movie feel fake honestly. The three men are playing themselves, and I bet they had no acting experience but were so much more convincing. Obviously, they knew the whole story because they lived it, but the people with experience know how to act. It brought it down so I wish there was better stuff from them. I have never heard of this incident until I saw the trailer for the movie so I do not know any more about it from what the movie showed. Maybe it could have been better if they did not show as much past history of the kids, but it gave some idea of who they are and what they wanted to become in this world. All-in-all it is a good movie for a Saturday afternoon.