“Spider-Man: Homecoming” (2017) Review


  1. I thought this movie was amazing from start to finish. Tom Holland is a fantastic Peter Parker and one amazing Spider-Man. I do prefer his Peter over his Spider-Man however. 
  2. The music is great. They people involved with choosing which songs belonged in this movie picked the right ones! It all clicked and flowed nicely.
  3. I loved Jon Favearu’s return as Happy. I was starting to miss him as with Pepper.
  4. There was more of a high school vibe rather than a superhero one. Although I felt like it was not really high school. We have all been there and know how bad it really is.
  5. The comedy is done great. It did not feel forced and came out organically.


  1. Would have been nice if Shocker #2, Herman Shultz, had some more sequences. Bokeem Woodbine seems like a pretty good actor and I do not want him to be wasted. 
  2. Vulture. Micheal Keaton was not wasted, but the writers could have done better with him. Going with two extremes, Loki and Whiplash, Vulture is more of a Loki. This is in terms of a quality villain. The TV shows still rank in number one with the best villains.
  3. Seeing Pepper back made the movie scratch my head because Tony said that they were on a break and things were complicated but everything seemed perfectly fine. The really screwed up the timeline though and this is without super speed.


9.0/10, A, 5/5 GM


We open up to Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) and his construction crew cleaning up the mess that the Avengers made in 2012. Damage Control comes in to say that Adrian and his crew are no longer needed because of the danger of the Chitauri weapons. Adrian demands that he and his crew should be cleaning it up because he has people to feed and new machinery to use.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is filming the events prior to the airport fight scene. Happy (Jon Favreau) is Spider-Man-Homecoming-poster-2-a.jpgdriving them throughout Berlin and he does not really enjoy Peter’s presence, however, Robert Downey Jr. – ooopps I mean Tony Stark put him in charge of watching over Peter. Tony decides to let him keep the suit and Peter is stunned.

Ned (Jacob Batalon), Liz (Laura Harrier), and Michelle (Zendaya) are introduced. They are all on a team and it’s close to nationals. After school is out, Peter races to the best sandwich shop in Queens. Peter runs into an alley to change into his suit. A few funny sequences come out with a gratuitous cameo.

Peter is dropped off at Liz’s doorstep by Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). Peter did not want to go to her party but since Ned shouted to Liz that Peter knew Spider-Man. Instead of going inside of her house, a big flash of blue piques his interest. He swings his way over where Jackson Brice (Shocker #1, Logan Marshall-Green), Herman Schultz (Shocker #2, Bokeem Woodbine), and Aaron Davis (Donald Glover) are making an arms deal. When Peter gets closer to their van, Vulture swoops down and grabs him and drops him over a lake. Tony’s new suit flies in to save Parker from drowning.

Even though Peter told his team members he had to keep the weekend opened for the Stark internship, Toomes’ evil lair is only a few hundred miles from Washington D.C. where nationals are being held. After the call from Spiderman HomecomingHappy, Peter and Ned work on taking out the suit’s tracking device. Peter catches a ride on a semi-truck and sees Herman and Phineas Mason aka The Tinkerer (Michael Chernus) in a gas station waiting for Toomes and the convey to arrive. Peter tries to save the Chitauri stones but ends up unconscious inside of Damage Control. Peter misses nationals and now has to save his friends in the elevator shaft of the Washington Monument since Ned had exposed the stone to radiation.

Afterwards Peter is determined to bring the flying Vulture dude down since Tony would not let him. Peter “interrogates” Aaron Davis in which he is given the location of Toomes and his men on the Staten Island Ferry. Parker gets in the way of the transactions when the FBI show up to arrest everyone including him. Vulture brings out the Tinkerer’s Chitauri gun, Parker covers it in his webs, however, this causes the ship to split into two. Thankfully Tony showed up to save the day.

Peter returns home, terribly upset at the aftermath of the ferry. He is reluctant that the Principal Morita (Kenneth Choi) did not expel him from school. He only has to go to detention for eternity with Coach Wilson (Hannibal Buress). Liz has been planning the homecoming for so long that she somehow did not get around to being asked to it (weird but okay).  Spiderman HomecomingPeter takes Liz to homecoming but his time at the dance ends within two minutes of being there. He is going to stop Vulture with the help of Ned behind the computer.

Happy is loading up one of Tony’s planes since they are moving upstate to the new Avengers headquarters. Vulture attacks the plane that people are shown to be on but no one is on the plane. Big production flaw. And the final fight sequence begins and ends. Happy brings Peter up where Tony is waiting for him and wants to give him back his suit and a new room.

*Many many many many things are left out for spoilers sake.

End credits

  1. Spoilers
  2. Adrian is in prison now. Mac Gargan aka Scorpion (Michael Mando) comes up to Adrian to ask him if he could confirm if knew the identity of Spider-Man, which he does.
  3. Captain America is the final scene. This is more of a joke than anything important. He asks how many more of those scenes he has to do and says that patience is key.