“Wonder Woman” (2017) Review

This movie is fantastic, and it is something that the world needed. With Elektra being the last female lead superhero film, which was in 2005, Wonder Woman’s time was long overdue. At the same time, I think it was worth the wait. Being a man in his 20’s, I do not know what it is like to be a young girl in the age range of 5-10 seeing all these male superheroes have their own movies and action figures. Thankfully there are females in these movies and having decent scene time and figures because these young girls need something to look up to that is not like the Kardashians.

One of my favorite scenes in the whole movie is the fight in No Man’s Land and Veld. I could not help but smile throughout wonder_woman_tankthe whole sequence. I tried not to but failed. The first full body shot of Gal Gadot in her costume took my breath away. It made the battlefield brighter when all was thought to be dead and lost. I thought it was better the second time around too.

I also thought that the fight choreography was beautifully done, and, at times, the slow motion made it even better. DC really does enjoy their slow motion. I did not notice it until I saw this movie. Man of Steel did not have a lot of them, but it still had a couple. It is one of the things that should not be done unless it enhances the scene in some way.

The message is perfect too. Love is the key that can save the world. It may be cliché or an old message, but getting on social media and seeing all these attacks in Europe and in the streets and campuses in the United States, I think it is safe to say that the message of Wonder Woman needs to keep getting attention.


9/10, A, 5/5 GM


(Little to no spoilers)

It is present day in Italy and see Diana walking with a couple of Wayne Enterprise guards following behind carrying the old photograph that was in Lex’s (Jesse Eisenberg) hard drive in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). Then a much younger Diana appears to be running away to see her aunt, Antiope (Robin Wright) and soldiers training. Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), her mother, tells her the story of the gods and creation of man and their corruption done by Ares who is the villain. Diana continues to train. Her mother tells Antiope that she needs to push Diana harder than any other soldier in Amazonian history.

After a training session, Gadot’s second appearance, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) breaks the barrier between Themyscira and the outside world. Steve is saved by Diana but the Germans have also breached the barrier.wonder-woman-final-poster.jpg The Amazonians fight and win against the Germans and almost kill Trevor because he is wearing the same clothing. The Lasso of Truth is first seen and is used on Steve who is confused as to where he is and who these women are. He says that he is a spy for the British and was sent to observe if the Germans had no forces. He sees that Dr. Maru aka Dr Poison’s (Elena Anaya) and Ludendorff (Danny Huston) are using a new type of gas so he takes Maru’s notebook but is followed.

Diana breaks into the where the lasso, god killer (a sword), and her suit are kept and guarded. She realizes that she can break bricks and much stronger than she thought. They take a sail boat and head to London in which Diana is not impressed. Etta (Lucy Davis), Steve’s secretary, comes on scene to help Diana dress more like a person from London to blend in.

Steve’s superiors tell him that he cannot go to the fronts with any help so he rounds up a couple of buddies, Sameer (Saïd Taghmaoui) and Charlie (Ewen Bremner), in a bar. Sir Patrick (David Thewlis) comes in and tells them that he would help them out unofficially because of the consequences. The team rides the train to Belgium and walk to the trenches of No Man’s Land (above poster) with a new member, the Chief (Eugene Brave Rock).

They realize that Ludendorff will be at a gala showing off the new gas. He has already displayed this gas on other German officers and none of them survived; the gas will be shot at the town of Veld. Diana and the rest go to an airbase where the Germans are packing a new type of plane with the gas. Diana is fighting Ares and he tells her more about who she is than her mother ever did. He tries to manipulate her into making the world into a place for her and him. And Ares says that he never told man to hurt one another, only gave them the path to destroy each other.

The movie finishes with Diana in modern-day saying that she sees man for the darkness in their hearts while also seeing the light. We will see Diana Prince again this year on November 17 with Zack Synder‘s Justice League (2017). We live in a great time to see these characters come to life. Anything outside these movies is up for your own judgement.