“Dead Men Tell No Tales” (2017) Review

The redemption movie is what I would call this one. With On Stranger Tides (2011) having a negative popular view, this movie did not have a whole lot to live up to. Going with critical acclaims, however, it did not do well. A 32% on Rotten Tomatoes, 39% on Metacritic, 6/10 on IGN, and 7.3/10 on IMDb. If I were to agree with only one of these, then I say IMDb is where I think it would be.

I am grateful that the main cast came back. About ten (which includes Jack the monkey) cast members came back. Elizabeth and Will did not have significant roles in this one, but it was better than not having a part at all like the fourth movie. My favorite part was the end credits scene! I thought it was a great cliff hanger. Two things I did not like about this movie were how the dead men disappeared when they went on land, and the timeline of the Turners. I feel like it does not match up to At World’s End ending.

Ratings and rankings

8.5/10, A, 5/5 GM

  1. Dead Man’s Chest
  2. Dead Men Tell No Tales
  3. The Curse of the Black Pearl
  4. On Stranger Tides
  5. At World’s End


With spoilers. Read at own cost.

There were many things that were going on in this movie. We open the movie with a young Henry Turner (Brenton Thwaites) looking for Sparrow and his father, Davy Jones aka Will Turner. Henry tells his father that he knows of a cure (Poseidon’s Trident) and says that he needs Captain Jack Sparrow’s help. Will raises his voice and replies that he needs to stay away from Jack. pirates_of_the_caribbean_dead_men_tell_no_tales_ver21_xlgNine years have past and Henry is on a British ship who are destroying other pirate ships. They near the Devil’s Triangle, a place where no ship escapes; Henry tells the captain not to go in there but he did not listen. In this triangle of death, Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) and his dead crew await to kill the British men. He lets Henry go because no dead man can tell the tale since they cannot go on land. Captain Salazar later tells Barbossa how he was trapped in there. This doing is because of Sparrow and his compass many years ago in which case serves as a prelude to the infamous Captain Sparrow.

We are then introduced to a new character, Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario). She is held in prison for being a witch when she is actually a smart astronomer and horologist, or as Jack and his crew thought a “whore-ologist”. In the town of St. Martin, a very drunk Jack and his crew are planning on doing a “Fast and Furious”- steal a bank vault. The vault door was open the entire time so when they get back to their ship only one piece of gold is left, and the crew decide that working for Jack is no longer worth it since Jack insisted that they pay him.

Jack, at this point, has run out of luck. He trades the one thing that he keeps on him at all times, his compass, for a bottle of rum. This compass was the one and only thing keeping Captain Salazar inside the Devil’s Triangle. The compass will be in possession of Shansa (Golshifteh Farahani), under used and pointless to an extent, then Barbossa who uses it to find Jack. His crew is now piratesposter.jpghunting every pirate ship and leaving only one man alive to tell the tale of dead men. Jack is soon captured by the British and is sentenced to the gullotine along with the witch, Carina Smyth. She had been re-captured after she saved Henry from the British who found him on drift wood with a torn sleeve. Carina, during the blood moon, discovers the way to Poseidon’s Trident. His crew recuses them from the gallows since Henry payed them to do so.

They get their ship, Dying Gull, into the sea, but Henry is on edge with Salazar out for blood. Barbossa is on the Silent Mary with his remaining crew. He said that he would find Jack at dawn when Salazar came to destroy the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Jack had not told his crew the dead were after so Jack decides that a mutiny is in order. He, Henry, and Carina go to shore on the long-boat, but the dead are closing in with sharks and running on the water. On shore, Jack meets an old acquaintance who forces him to marry his sister. Jack refuses and is luckily interrupted by Barbossa who frees the Black Pearl with Blackbeard’s sword.

Carina is now at the wheel of the Pearl since she is the only one who knows the way to the Trident. Scarfield (David Wenham), British captain of the Essex, tries to attack the Pearl but is taken down by the Silent Mary. Barbossa realizes that Carina is his own flesh and blood. He told Jack that he was shell-shocked. They find their way to the island and find the trident.

Henry is captured and his body is taken over by Salazar who fights and later, as Salazar, stabs Jack in the heart. Henry breaks the trident and all curses are now broke. This forces Salazar’s crew out of the water who all end up dying again. The Pearl is on the very edge with its anchor hanging off the side with Barbossa, Carina, Henry, Jack, and Salazar holding on for life. Salazar is climbing up and is closest to Carina, and Barbossa sacrifices himself to save his only daughter. We finally get our first look at Elizabeth since the end credits of At World’s End. Elizabeth is running from behind the hills and Will runs from the cliffs. We see that Jack is looking through his scope to see Elizabeth and Will reunite.

End Credits

This was my favorite part of the whole movie! We see Will and Elizabeth are sleeping through the night. You know something or someone is coming. There’s that feeling of “what’s gonna happen? Who’s there?” We only see a shadow. A shadow of someone who was once in the series…Davy Jones. This is no dream even though Will wakes and holds Elizabeth. Will had lost all of the barnacles when he came on land during the family reunion. Will we see Davy Jones again? Who knows but they are leaving room for a sixth movie that is for sure!

End credit rankings (according to importance)
  1. Dead Men Tell No Tales
  2. At World’s End
  3. The Curse of the Black Pearl
  4. On Stranger Tides
  5. Dead Man’s Chest