Why You Should be Watching “Supernatural” Season 12

Minor spoilers in this article so read with caution

I believe this is one of the best seasons of Supernatural! I like where they are heading and believe that it is going to be epic! I expect that the rest of the season to be great; however, I guarantee it will end with a cliffhanger and go over into season 13.


During the first part of the season, I did not enjoy the British Men of Letters, but they slowly started to work their way towards a better place in my heart. Granted a certain someone died in “The British Invasion” and he was the reason I started to enjoy their presence so I am now back to despising them. It is SPN too so I am sure he will pop back up later down the road. There is always the chance, but realistically I do not think he will. I think the character served his purpose.

Crowley (Mark A. Shepard) with Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) who carries Lucifer’s son.

The reason why I am looking forward to the season finale and the season 13 premiere is because of this Anti-Christ story line. I’m wondering if they are going to bring Jesus into this next season or seasons. I think this would be the perfect time to do so. I do not recall any mention of Him in the whole series, but I assume He would be. I also wish that we get to see the Anti-Christ grow throughout the next season sort of like God’s sister. Hopefully they can get a really creepy kid to act for a few episodes too.

Another reason I think you should be watching this is Lucifer’s actor, Mark Pellegrino, is back! He is the best! I love his attitude and spunk. He brings that evilness when he needs to and childish and sarcastic when it suits the situations. It is easy to spot that Lucifer is waiting for his opportunity to become king again.

Mark Pellegrino

Finally, the writers also brought back Sam and Dean’s mother, Mary Winchester, who is played by Samantha Smith.

Samantha Smith

I think that is alright, but I never felt anything for her. Obviously those characters do, but there is not an emotional connection. I believe those are important for any TV show or movie. I am not saying that she has bad writing or has poor acting skills. I am sure someone who loves this show has some strong feeling for her.